A youth-owned Northern Cape printing business, has received funding from De Aar Solar Power’s Enterprise Development programme, to help sustain and grow this fledgling operation and boost youth employment.

Not only is this local business owned and managed by youth, it endeavours to create jobs for youth, which helps to address the issue of youth unemployment and skills development in this remote town of De Aar.

Youth Month 2018 is commemorated under the theme “Live the Legacy: Towards A Socio-Economically Empowered Youth.” “This is a time to consider that 65% of young people in South Africa do not have matric and often remain unskilled and unemployed. These are just some of the reasons that we are proud to be able to support a youth-owned business that not only employs local youth but provides ongoing training,” explained Hlengiwe Radebe, Economic Development Director for De Aar Solar Power.

The solar plant’s support of this local black-owned company includes a capital injection to improve their service offering and ability to seek growth opportunities. Emthanjeni Printers, which started business three years ago, received funding to help the business to branch into new streams of revenue and to support the company’s daily operations.

“With funding from De Aar Solar Power, we have purchased the much needed machinery, which has boosted our income and means that we can hire more local youth, providing them with the ability to earn income and provide for their families,” said Zanoxolo Kapa, Managing Director of Emthanjeni Printers.

The compnay previously outsourced all production and only earned a commission, however, the funding has lead to an increase their turnover and they can now expand its product lines and reach out to new areas because their production capacity has increased.

“The capital expenditure means that this small enterprise, whose services reach schools, businesses; government and sports clubs across the Northern Cape, can expand their operations without taking on interest-bearing loans,” explained Hlengiwe Radebe, Economic Development Director of De Aar Solar Power.

De Aar Solar Power’s Enterprise Development strategy, is focused on the support of local small and medium black owned companies.

June 2018

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