Local Ostrich Enterprises Receive Support from De Aar Solar Power

De Aar Solar Power has announced its support of two local Ostrich Farms to the value of over R1million. These two local businesses situated in De Aar, form the cornerstone of the solar farm’s Enterprise Development Programme. “We are committed to supporting emerging farmers as our primary area of enterprise development support and have selected two 100% black female-owned ostrich farming enterprises as beneficiaries. ” said Cornell Mouton, Plant Manager of De Aar Solar Power.

South Africa is the world leader in ostrich production with 75% of the global market share and although the Northern Cape doesn’t currently feature massively, it has the potential to develop, given the ideally dry climate and available land. “We believe that the impact the funds from De Aar Solar Power will have on the two businesses will be easily quantifiable and given that these enterprises have been running for a number of years, there is a limited risk of the project failing,” added Mouton.

Pride Rock Ostrich Farm has received approximately R400 000 targeted primarily at boosting the income of the farm, enabling the enterprise to become financially self-sustaining and negating the need to contract grow. “The farm will now be able to grow their own birds, process the meat and the leather for themselves, and sell it on to retain the full profit,” explained Mouton. Funds will go directly to procure equipment and produce to resource Pride Rock Ostrich Farm in the way of new camps as well as ostrich stock and feed, ensuring sustainability and growth. This small farm, which is run on a single hectare of land, is owned by a local resident of De Aar.

Nieuborn Ostrich Farm currently accommodates up to 3,000 ostriches in a season. The contribution of around R700 000 is allocated towards procuring equipment and produce to enable Nieuborn Ostrich Farm to construct new ostrich camps and to buy new stock that will result in additional income. The funds are also intended to assist in setting up specifically allocated facilities to house infant ostrich chicks.

“There is so much potential on this farm as they have over 15 years of experience in the industry and just needed the extra support to enable their enterprise to grow,” concluded Mouton.

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