July 2022.

Recognising that first aid training is a basic requirement for all early learning centres, to ensure that young children are kept safe, five local Britstown and Philipstown Early Childhood Development (ECD) centres have upskilled their practitioners and other staff members.

Five practitioners and a cook from one of the ECD Centre’s, Karoo Druppels crèche in Britstown, received the Level 1 First Aid training, giving them more confidence in their ability to keep the 42 children in their care, safer and healthier. In addition to this essential childcare training, the centre also received much-needed infrastructure upgrades, all funded by De Aar Solar Power, as part of its socio-economic development programme.

“With safety being our first priority, I am much more at ease and assured that I will now be able to assist anyone in need of medical help, especially the children at the school. We are also grateful for the renovations made to our ECD centre, as we have a better learning environment overall,” commented Suney Mouton, ECD Practitioner, Karoo Druppels.

The need for these infrastructure upgrades and first aid training was identified through a needs analysis of the ECD facilities in the communities of Philipstown, Britstown, Hanover and De Aar.

“It is our hope that the renovated Karoo Druppels will provide a healther learning environment for the children and their practitioners. We also trust that the first aid training provided to the 25 staff across the five ECD centres will help ensure that the children are in even safer hands and that the practitioners are now more confident in their care of the children,” concluded Anita Takor, Community Liaison Officer for De Aar Solar Power.

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