De Aar Solar Power – Sibona Ilanga Community Trust looking for Trustees

The local communities in the vicinity of the De Aar Solar Power benefit directly through enterprise development and socio economic development contributions; employment and procurement and community Trust ownership, namely the Sibona Ilanga Trust. This community Trust, which is an 8% shareholder in De Aar Solar Power, is seeking to appoint two beneficiary trustees. Nominations are sought from all sectors of the community in the Pixley ka Seme District community, with the objective of carrying out public benefit activities for the welfare of the local community. “The Trustees, once appointed, will be required to manage the utilization of the funds received from dividends for the benefit of the community,” explained Mr. Neville Gabriel, Independent Trustee of Sibona Ilanga Trust.

The purpose of the Sibona Ilanga Community Trust is to redress past inequities, promote social development and cohesion into the future; and assist in the development of poor and disadvantaged communities in the immediate and surrounding vicinity of the solar farm, including De Aar, Britstown and Hanover. The 8% ownership is significantly higher than the government’s minimum threshold of 2.5% local ownership. “This is an exciting step for us and for the local community, who derive financial profit from the solar farm,” added Gabriel.

Nominations are sought from all sectors of the community such as sports, social movements, the arts, business, religion, the media, community development agencies and education and training institutions. Nominations of candidates with financial, legal, health and education, and a post matric professional qualifications and or social dialogue skills are particularly encouraged. “Nominations of individuals that would be potential beneficiaries of the community Trust should carefully consider accepting nominations as this would exclude their families from benefitting from the Trust,” urged Gabriel.

Candidates must be nominated by a member of a beneficiary community and the nomination needs to be supported by at least twenty other beneficiary community members. The nomination should include a letter of motivation along with the curriculum vitae of the nominated candidate, as well as the names, contact details, and signatures of at least twenty beneficiary community members that support the nomination of the candidate.

To avoid conflicts of interest in the decision making process of the Trust, nominated candidates should not have any immediate association with an individual or organisation that will directly benefit from the Trust. It is also important that candidates are not publicly affiliated to, or a representative or official of, a political party or be an employee of a local municipality.

Nominations should be emailed, by 13 March 2015, to with TRUSTEE NOMINATION FOR THE SIBONA ILANGA COMMUNITY TRUST written in the email subject line.

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051 250 4300