August 2020.

Good recycling practices contribute to economic growth and job creation, reduce social and environmental cost and play an important role in developing rural South Africa. These are some of the reasons why De Aar Solar Power is supporting a local community enterprise, which not only removes recyclable waste, but also creates compost as part of a yard cleaning service.

“The funding gave me the opportunity to put down a deposit on a truck big enough to transport both waste and recycling in one go,” said Branden Tier, owner of Pixley Yard Cleaning and Recycling Services in De Aar.

Tier is one of five entrepreneurs selected to receive funding and business support, as part of De Aar Solar Power’s Enterprise Development Accelerator Programme. The training and support helps to create viable small businesses in the rural towns of Britstown, Hanover, Philipstown and De Aar, as financial support is usually not adequate, without the necessary mentoring.

“I am so grateful for the mentoring and business support, which has helped me a lot, especially in these economic times. I am really looking forward to the one-on-one sessions with the mentoring team,” added Tier, who says that he plans to continue working hard, so that he can grow a sustainable business.

He explained that as a result of being part of this programme, he has had the opportunity to work with the Northern Cape Recycling Angels, which has been a huge help to be able to create compost from waste. This opportunity has given him access to premises from where he can work as well as store collected recyclables.

“It makes sense to support small recycling businesses as they in turn positively impact and create a circular economy, where waste items are recycled in an effort to divert waste from landfills, whilst generating income and creating local employment,” said Harrisinah Theka, Economic Development Officer for De Aar Solar Power, who funded this programme as part of its Enterprise Development Programme.
A CSIR study on the potential economic value and employment oppor

unities related to paper and packaging recycling, estimates that there is over R700-million in economic value, which could be unlocked from the collection of waste material for recycling, in South Africa.

In collaboration with Angels Resource Centres, the De Aar Solar Power funded the Big Shake-up Accelerator programme, a rural training programme aimed at providing budding entrepreneurs in the Pixley Ka Seme district with the basic skills of running a business, regardless of their education level.

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