Gentle Care Centre

The Gentlecare Care Centre in Britstown received a donation from De Aar Solar Power, to assist in their care for terminally ill patients.

This dynamic facility, which is situated in the remote town of Britstown in the Northern Cape, will use this donation to install air conditioners and buy necessary equipment.

Gentlecare help poor terminally ill, frail patients, who need care and don’t have homes or relatives to provide for them. It also provides a safe haven for those patients who have working family members who are unable to see to their needs. Although the majority of the centre’s inhabitants come from the immediate vicinity and the surrounding towns, the facility has been known to lend a helping hand to community members as far as Cape Town. The age range is as wide as the geographic distances that they open their arms to patients from as young as a year old to as aged as 98; their care and kindness has no limit.

051 250 4300