December 2023.

In an unconventional career move, Theresa Greef (40), a De Aar resident, found her calling as a funeral director, a role usually less explored by women. However, her empathy and detail-oriented approach make her a perfect fit for this unique profession, aligning with skills found in social work, nursing, human resources, and management.

As the owner of Seserjo Funeral Services in Leuuwenhof, De Aar, she emphasizes their commitment to caring for clients during challenging times. “We are caring people, respecting the last wishes of those who have passed away. We guide clients through the entire process, ensuring they are not left alone to face it.”

Seserjo Funeral Services recently received support from De Aar Solar Power’s Enterprise Development programme, designed to foster the growth of local businesses. Following a pitch deck session in 2021, the business qualified for funding and support, including business management training and the establishment of a dedicated container for business activities.

This move from a room in a private home to a more visible location in Leuuwenhof is expected to enhance the business’s professionalism and accessibility.

“Theresa Greef is the heart behind Seserjo Funeral Services and demonstrated a natural aptitude and skills in her pitch session. This was aided by her previous training with the Small Enterprise Development Agency, which also helped her get her businesses registered, making sense for us to further contribute by offering additional training and support,” explained Zuki Ndela, Economic Development Specialist at De Aar Solar Power.

Theresa’s future plans are aimed at further supporting the De Aar community, having identified how families need additional support and comfort.

“My dream is to establish a church on our premises, providing families with a centralized place for all their needs,” concluded Theresa.

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