De Aar Solar Power Reaffirms Support for Fetal Alcohol Research

De Aar Solar Power reaffirmed its support behind the Foundation for Alcohol Related Research (FARR), at this year’s International Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Awareness Day 2016. The awareness day brought the community of De Aar together to walk a 9km route through the town and surrounding countryside.

“We initially announced our support of the Foundation for Alcohol Related Research a year ago and more specifically the Joan Wertheim Centre refurbishment programme,” said Marion Green-Thompson, Economic Development Manager for De Aar Solar Power.

Earlier this year, De Aar Solar Power delivered a sponsored vehicle donated to the Foundation for Alcohol Related Research during the official re-opening of the FARR/Joan Wertheim Centre in De Aar. “We funded the vehicle which will help the Centre and their staff support the community of De Aar, who rely on their dedication and work against Fetal Alcohol Syndrome,” concluded Green-Thompson.

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